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Pink Wigs

Our Shocking Pink vision…

Dedicated to helping young women support each other through the journey of
breast cancer (and out the other side!).


Our Shocking Pink mission…

  • To establish an internet-based resource centre and forum for young women with breast cancer and their supporters

  • To work to promote awareness of breast cancer among young women and the  Shocking Pink support resources available.

  • To promote research specific to breast cancer in young women and support organisations working to find a cure

  • To provide relevant support and assistance for young women consistent with our charitable purpose.



Our Shocking Pink values

embodied by our logo…HEART


Laughter balances the tears that cancer brings, even if just for a moment.



Knowledge is power. Numbers have strength.



Of ourselves, of each other, of our supporters, of the little things.



Not ‘brave’ or ‘strong’ but doing our best with the hand we’ve been dealt.



Telling it how it is – honesty’s the best policy after all.

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