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2010 was shaping up to be an awesome year for us – two young women in the prime of our lives both looking forward to a future filled with love, laughter, good health and family. Instead, unknown to us, we were both about to embark on something far more unexpected, far more unplanned and far more trying than either of us could have ever imagined. 2010 would be the year we both got the shock of our lives when we discovered our very own boobs were actually ticking time-bombs. We would never look at ourselves, our future or anything pink in the same way again. We were now members of the most exclusive group… young women in our 20s and 30s with breast cancer.

Our pink is not just any pink… its shocking pink!

When you’re having to undergo fertility treatment to ensure you might one day have children, waking up at night from menopausal hot flushes and trying to cope with difficult treatment and even more difficult feelings – we know that without each other our journeys would have been unimaginably harder. Shocking Pink is here to ensure all young women ‘in the pink’ have that same support we found in each other.

Now, we’re not medical experts, trained counsellors or cancer information specialists – there’s plenty of amazing people already taking care of that – but we do know what its like to be looking down the barrel of your own bazookas! Shocking Pink is about us young women sharing this journey, supporting each other and knowing that, while we are few in number, we are definitely not alone in this.


Kylie & Cheryle
Shocking Pink
Oct 2011

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