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Sometimes Cancer is a Gift - reframing a breast cancer diagnosis

Today, guest Sacha Coburn will be sharing with us her experience with breast cancer, how it was like in 2009 when she found a lump on her breast, and how it feels like now. Sacha loved to play tennis and was living a very busy time, when she felt this “bump” on her breast, never would she have imagined it was a tumor, she immediately related the bump with a muscle ache from playing tennis.


Three Dark Spots - my breast cancer diagnosis story

Kia ora cancery people! Today's episode is the last before I take a quick break to recharge and find more stories from people like us. 


Michelle - a mother's story of loss and breast cancer 

Losing a child



In this episode I'm joined by an amazing woman. Twenty two years ago Michelle Treadaway-Ohia was grieving the loss of a pregnancy when she was diagnos


Not Today Cancer! A C word special with Elle Veitch

In the final installment of Not Today Cancer! Helen talks to Australian author and advocate Elle Veitch about her upcoming book 'Hey Cancer Fuck You!'. Elle was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019 when she was 27 - she started her Instagram page 'Breasties for Life' where she shares an honest account of life after a breast cancer diagnosis. 

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